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Press Release Excerpt

One of the country’s best-known homeless shelters, The Haven of Rest, will benefit from the writing skills of Duncan Othen. Othen, a resident of Hudson, Ohio since 1980, has a heart to help the homeless and decided to combine his love for writing into a novel that brings the plight of the homeless to the forefront. In addition, all profits from his novel, Kindness Kills, will benefit the Haven of Rest, which provides a variety of help for homeless men, women, and children in Akron, Ohio.  

Othen has volunteered his services at The Haven of Rest for 12 years. He heads up the Hudson Community Chapel’s homeless ministry, running the monthly services sponsored by his church, and preaching at the evening service. The Haven of Rest contacts him if they need special items—shoes, toiletries, clothing. He then passes these needs along to his church and they meet them in whatever way possible. When asked why he likes volunteering at the homeless shelter, Othen answered, “Jesus said The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  I believe all of us are meant to help one another, so perhaps it should not be surprising that when we do it feels great! I just want to serve God by being there, whether I am sweeping floors, encouraging a discouraged person or preaching a sermon.”  With a heart for helping the homeless, he decided to use his writing skills to provide an entertaining thriller for the reader, and also show the issues of homeless people to them.

If you are interested in having Duncan speak, please contact him for arrangements and availability.